An Introspective Job Aid

The Challenge

The learning analysis phase for a digital product team revealed clusters of data that had unique strength/opportunity profiles. Understood at personas and coupled with curation, this combination could support scaleable personalized curriculum for their team. But how do you nudge learners into their curated pathways while also communicating the approach's logic and benefits?


We created a three-minute survey that finishes with a suggested learning persona, a bit about the profile of that persona, and how your persona compares with other personas across your team.

The assessment utilizes Qualtric's Survey Flow feature to score responses across the competencies that were used during the analysis.

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Follow Up Nano-Learning

The survey was followed by a micro-learning for employees and their managers on:

  • What are personas? Their function and form in product design

  • Personas' role in the learning strategy

  • The profiles of super-personas that exist across the team

  • How to go a la carte if you don't identify with an existing learning persona.

  • How to enroll in learning plans for each persona.


By the end of launch day, over 85% of the population (400) had enrolled into a persona-based pathway material curated to their strengths and opportunities, eagerly awaited them. Over the first month of use, engagement averaged around 100 views a day.

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