satisfied Students

  • Increased Net Promoter Score (NPS) each quarter to currently rival scores from some of the best customer-centric organizations across all industries.

  • Improved bootcamp relevance through continuous curriculum improvements that recognize hiring and engineering trends and forecasts.

  • Developed formative and summative assessment strategies that provide immediate, explanative feedback.


Effective teams

  • Tripled team size while also increasing accountability and quality by running effective screening assignments and onboarding with big-picture context setting alongside guided small wins that solidify the process-purpose connection.


clear roads, gutsy goals

  • Analyzed multiple data streams to identify, prioritize and drive major curriculum changes via quarterly pilots with measurable OKRs.

  • Revitalized an instructional community by directly addressing pressing pain points in an communications strategy that shares product updates and progress of of pilots against its respective OKR 

  • Worked outside traditional purview to test new curriculum products including validating new product hypotheses.