Employees at a communications company shared seeking relevant learning material during odd times when they were able and motivated to learn. The current solution, their LMS, was bogged down by poor UX and content unfit for use away from a desktop. 


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Leo is a Chatbot that attempts to make employees feel like they're needs are understood by delivering learning experiences that are just in time, just the right amount, and just for you. 

A main function of Leo is to figure out learning context and motivation in order to deliver a small selection of relevant options.

By asking how much time do you have, what are you trying to learn, and what are your constraints (i.e., hands are full, noisy environment, bad wifi or offline) Leo suggests the best learning resources for your situation. It could be an eLearning module that's part of a larger course, a podcast or video that's been curated from another source, a 90-second video "bite", or an option to RSVP to an upcoming face-to-face workshop. 

Leo utilizes BotSociety and culls from open-education resources as well as internally made digital learning.