A nursing school wanted to help nursing students, nursing educators, and nurses practice the skills needed for successfully pairing nurses with patients, a decision that involves considering a patient's level of care, the skill levels of nurses on call, and the work loads of each nurse on the shift. Typically not taught in undergraduate nursing programs, nurse-patient delegation is typically learned on the fly in hospitals, where time away for formal learning is often hard to secure. 


In Nursing Sim, a mobile learning game for nurses, players assume the role of a charge nurse for a new shift. As charge nurse, they must assess the acuity of patients on the shift, determine the competency of their colleagues, and assign qualified nurses to see each patient without burdening nurses or preventing less competent nurses from developing increasing competency. Advancing levels feature more challenging scenarios including more patients and nurses, fewer aids, less feedback, and more complicated conditions and hospital constraints.

The game is available in the iTunes store and Google Play.