Team Onboarding

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How might a growing team provide new employees the contextual knowledge they need to be more productive sooner?


A nano learning provided on the second day on the job (after a day 1 general onboarding) provides new employees the essential information sequenced from general to abstract, with successive material building on and reinforcing previous material. 

Content Covered Includes:

  • Purpose & Values: Why do we exist? Where did we come from? What matters?

  • Vision & Roadmap: Where are we going & what's along the way?

  • Core Competencies: What do we excel at and focus on? How do customers experience their end products

  • Teams: What are our team of teams, what's their purpose, and how does this relate to their core competencies?

  • Roles: What are the common roles across teams, what do they do and how do they interact with each other?

  • Culture: What makes us, us?

  • Week 1, Month 1, Quarter 1 Checklists: onboarding takes time, here's what to know at each stage.

  • Manager READMEs: Concise summary written by your manager on her values, work style, view on development and communication.

  • First-Day Advice from members of the team.

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Platform Update & Migration


After 11 years on a legacy system, a platform update was critical to making progress on strategic initiatives. But how do you communicate the upgrade, migration, and support in terms that resonates, excites, and eases those impacted? 


A responsive nano-learning was developed and launched at an annual conference well attended by the intended audience and held several weeks before the upgrade's first migration wave. The nano-learning acts as both a change management communications piece on the why, how, what, and an interactive guide providing more concrete, but still high-level and exciting examples of how the upgrade walks the talk. Designed with app-like UI and UX, it enabled advisors a self-guided resource to learn:

  • Why the upgrade was beneficial to them

  • How they would see impact on day 1

  • When their practice would get the upgrade

  • What changes would impact their work and where they could find training

  • Product highlight videos and interactive tours showcasing the big wins within the system.

  • How the upgrade is part of a larger future

Product Learning Launch



Communicate a learning strategy and launch individual learning plans to a team of teams spread across campuses in a month. 


This nano-learning captures the why-how-what of the plan and was used to flip several classroom sessions, which served different purposes for different audiences.  Ultimately, this approach optimized the L&D team' synchronous learning and freed the team up for other work. 


User data revealed some interesting insights:

  • Activity is highly influenced by internal communication, especially influencers who post with CTAs on making the jump to the learning

  • 54% completion rate is pretty good for something that's not required and provides open navigation.

  • Average session time at 5 minutes means it truly was a micro-learning and they didn't make the jump and dump (phew!)