However unlikely this may have seemed several years ago, podcasts are having a moment.

For many of the reasons we've seen this ascendancy — low barriers to entry, proliferation of good storytelling, niche fandom, productivity worship — the podcast is a powerful and resourceful learning medium. 

In the case of LearnVest, there was a learning need for and employee interest in content on the basics: their product and the industries it serves. With notoriously poor transit systems and an existing audiophile culture in place, an internal podcast was a natural way to deliver deep dives with local context.

Thus was born FinAnalogy, a podcast that explores personal financing basics through conversations with employees across Northwestern Mutual and LearnVest campuses. On each episode, a personal financing topic is explained through an analogy developed by LV and NM employees who are experts in that episode’s area. Previous podcasts have covered topics such as the role of financial planners; LearnVest's approach to budgeting, financial behavior change, and credit card debt. 

FinAnalogy (1).png