When employees are already inundated with email, Slack, g-chat and an endless feed of news, how do you share major updates to the company's employee experience?


To fight against digital communication inundation, we went in the opposite direction. Rock Your Role is an internal quarterly print (and digital, can't shake its benefits) magazine that taps into the slow journalism movement which values beautiful print design, meaningful content, and quality art.

Each issue of Rock Your Role takes a recent employee experience update or milestone and expands it as an abstract theme that explores different areas of the company and employee's personal and professional experiences. For example, after completing a major update to the employee onboarding experience, Issue 2 looked at beginnings and included an interview with a new mom on balancing raising her eight-month-old child while leading HR, a profile on someone who just moved to New York, wireframes of our user onboarding annotated by the head of design, and a graphic story highlighting updates to the employee onboarding experience. Other issues covered themes such as influence, community, and play.