Systems Training


Keeping 6,000 advisors in an eleven-year-old version of an investment planning platform was keeping a wealth management company from actualizing their vision of an integrated, efficient, and insightful company. The lead-up and roll-out needed to be compelling and clear, swift and supported.


Pre-Launch: Compelling and Clear

Trailer Video

The company's annual conference presented a wonderful opportunity to promote the upcoming launch. Our trailer showcased the high-level benefits of the platform and was used throughout lead-up comms and conference sessions, most compellingly as the lead-in to the TED-style presentation by the company's vice president. 

Digital Learning

A responsive e-learning functioned as both an interactive platform tour and a concise upgrade overview at conference booths. Swag and other marketing materials directed visitors to the digital learning to drive awareness of the site as  a follow-up resource training resource or primer for those who couldn't attend the conference. Designed with app-like UI and UX, it enabled advisors a self-guided resource to learn:

  • Why the upgrade was beneficial
  • How they would see impact on day 1
  • When their practice would get the upgrade,
  • What changes would impact their work and where they could find training 
  • Interactive tour of several processes relevant across different users

Technical Training


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